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One of the best ways to attract the attention of the public when you’re selling a product is by attaching big names to it. And that’s what Cocoon Innovations did when it got NASA to use its Grid-It! storage system in its latest series of experiments with weightlessness. The space administration was recently proposed with an experiment by a group of teachers who wanted to know what it was like to crack a raw egg in an environment with almost no gravity.

Not one to say no to a challenge, NASA decided to sponsor the teachers an experiment run by the Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program. The teachers were put through a reduced-gravity flight to simulate the conditions of space, and performed experiments with the eggs to see how they behaved in such environments.

To hold the eggs in place while on the reduced-gravity flight, the eggs were strapped to Cocoon Innovation’s Grid-It! storage system, which kept the eggs safe and secure despite the lack of gravity. I guess that shows how useful the Grid-It! can be – even working in extreme conditions like when in space. Find out more about the Grid-It!

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