China’s Lunar Lander Sprouts Cotton On The Moon

China recently sent up a Moon lander which is going to collect data and conduct experiments on the lunar surface. It has conducted an experiment which marks the first time that humans have grown plants on the Moon. The lander was able to successfully sprout small cotton plants as part of a biological experiment. Flowers and other plants have previously been grown in Earth orbit, though.

China Probe Chang’e Successfully Lands On The Far Side Of The Moon

Back in 2016, China had expressed their interest in landing on the moon, but not the part which other countries have landed on, but rather the dark side of the moon. Now it looks like they might have been successful in doing so, according to reports where it was revealed that the country’s Chang’e probe made a successful landing on the far side of the moon.

Russian Researcher Successfully Prints Living Tissue While In Space

3D printing has been used in the medical industry before, where we have seen the tech used to 3D print cartilage and skull implants. Now it seems that Russian researcher Oleg Kononenko has successfully managed to 3D print living tissue, but here’s the kicker: not only is Kononenko a researcher, but he is a cosmonaut as well, and this 3D printing was actually done in space.

NASA Photographs Mesmerizing ‘Blue’ Sand Dune On Mars

A mesmerizing “blue” sand dune on Mars has been photographed by NASA. The sand dune actually appears blue in an enhanced-color photo. Such dunes often accumulate in the floors of craters on the Red Planet. This particular dune formed in a region of the Lyot Crater and was captured by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.


Japan Developing Space Radar System To Keep An Eye On ‘Killer Satellites’

Japan is working on a new space radar system that it wants to have up and running in the Yamaguchi Prefecture by fiscal 2023. The radar system won’t just be used to monitor debris in the space. Its job will also include keeping an eye on “killer” satellites launched by foreign governments. News about this radar system’s development comes at a time when countries like Russia and China are believed […]

NASA’s InSight Lander Sends A Selfie From Mars

NASA InSight lander’s selfie game is literally out of this world. It recently arrived on the Red Planet and to prove that it is indeed chilling up there on Mars, it has sent a selfie which shows the lander in all its glory. The image was posted on NASA’s official Twitter account.

Virgin Galactic May Reach Space For The First Time Soon

Virgin Galactic today announced that it’s putting the SpaceShipTwo’s test flights into overdrive. In this phase of the flight program, it will expand the limits for air speed, altitude, loads, and thermal heating. It also plans to burn the rocket motor for longer durations which would see its spaceship and pilots reach a space altitude for the very first time.

Russian Cosmonauts On A Spacewalk To Investigate Mysterious Hole

Two Russian crew members on board the International Space Station are heading out for a spacewalk today. Their mission is to investigate a mysterious hole that was spotted in a visiting spacecraft. This hole caused quite a bit of concern both on the ISS and down on Earth as it caused air to leak out of the ISS a few months ago. It has not yet been determined how this […]

NASA Confirms Voyager 2 Probe Has Entered Interstellar Space

NASA confirmed an impressive feat today. The agency has confirmed that a man-made object has reached the space between the stars for the second time in history. NASA’s Voyager 2 probe has entered interstellar space after existing the heliosphere, the plasma bubble created by the sun which covers most of our solar system.

NASA Announces Landing Site For 2020 Mars Rover

NASA will be sending another rover to Mars in 2020 and the space agency has now confirmed where it’s going to land the machine. The Jezero Crater has been chosen as the landing site for the Mars 2020 rover. It has been selected as the landing spot after a five year search during which every detail of more than 60 possible locations was scrutinized and debated by the mission team […]

China Showcases Its New ‘Heavenly Palace’ Space Station

Now that the International Space Station’s days are numbered, China is looking to take the lead on a permanently crewed space station. The country today unveiled its new “Heavenly Palace” space station which would replace the orbiting laboratory that’s backed by the international community.

Meltin MMI Avatar Robot Creator Gets Additional Funding

During CEATEC 2018, the company behind this amazing Avatar robot, Meltin MMI, has announced that an additional $18M in a Series-B funding round.

Japan Lands Robots On Asteroid 180 Million Miles Away

Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency has landed a couple of robots on the asteroid Ryugu some 180 million miles from Earth. The cylindrical robots are about 18cm wide and 7cm tall. They made their journey on the Hayabusa2 spacecraft which was launched from the Earth back in December 2014.

Japan To Test Space Elevator This Month

The first trial of a “space elevator” will be conducted by a Japanese team later this month. They will be testing the technology by sending two miniature satellites up in space. The test equipment has been developed by researchers at the Shizuoka University. It will get a ride on an H-2B rocket that Japan’s space agency is launching next week from the southern island of Tanegashima.