The wireless revolution continues, and this time it is the medical industry that looks set to benefit. What you see above is what they call an ‘epidermal’ electronic system which is a piece of electronics that boasts physical properties such as stiffness, bending rigidity, thickness and mass density, which will be matched to the epidermis. The idea behind this? To be mechanically invisible to the user (or patient), while delivering healthcare-related functions. To put it in plain English, it can be a patient monitoring patch which monitors your vital statistics including heart rate and temperature, sending its data wirelessly to your physician while doing away the old school bulk of wires and electrodes.

Since it is meant to be “patched” on you, why not make it look as close to human skin as possible so that you won’t end up getting awkward glances and stares whenever folks see you with one on? Electronic sensors have been embedded in a film which is thinner than the diameter of a human hair, where it will be placed on a polyester backing similar to those used for the temporary tattoos. This basically results in a sensor that will stick without the need for adhesives, and it also ends up being extremely flexible to be part of your skin.

How do you get it off? You don’t – but rely on the natural shedding of skin cells to eventually let the monitor come off by itself, and it is speculated by researchers that this could stick to your skin for up to a fortnight.

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