Getting aid out to remote locations, especially in developing countries may be difficult due to the fact that some of these locations may not be very accessible due to lack of roads. Startup company Matternet has created a quadcopter that basically gave those looking to deliver aid and support to rural areas a more effective way to achieve those goals.


These quadcopters have been designed to deliver medicinal supplies, food and other materials to those living in rural areas. Naturally it will not be able to carry super heavy loads, but a 2KG load is expected to give the quadcopters a range of 10km, and they plan to use landing pads to act as beacons to guide the quadcopter’s GPS.

The system is currently in its first phase and the quadcopters remain a prototype as the company may be considering fixed wing drones which are faster and provide greater range, although landing is not as precise. When they do roll out their business it will be a pretty straightforward affair, with Matternet charging a fee to companies to use their services.

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