The recent riots in the streets of UK have certainly caught some people by surprise, and we would like to remember those who lost their lives – something which should never have happened in the first place. Well, UK scientists decided not to sit down and mope about the situation, but rather want to take positive action in making sure that perpetrators in the future will be able to be positively identified and caught. Smart CCTVs are being worked on that are able to automatically monitor criminal behaviour, tracking down suspects in the process.

Artificial intelligence will come into play here by researchers at Kingston University, where these algorithms will be used to single out specific types of behavior – including someone who has a gun in hand. This technology is smart enough to even track a particular target across multiple cameras, now how about that?

This would clearly help the long arm of the law catch those who were involved in rioting and looting, while making sure no innocent civilians will be wrongly implicated during the investigation process. What do you think about the whole Smart CCTV issue where privacy is concerned?

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