Unity Develops Video Game That Tests AI

In the early days of video games where you would be able to go up against AI, over time and with enough practice, you would be able to suss out the AI’s patterns and habits and eventually beat them. However these days AI is getting a lot more sophisticated and smarter, even beating out professionals.

MIT Thinks They Have Found A Way To Automatically ‘De-Bias’ Face Detection

How technology and AI learns is by humans teaching it what’s correct. This is how facial recognition software works where humans need to teach it how to recognize faces, and also teach it not to be biased. However this can be slow, not to mention humans make errors as well, which means that sometimes certain things can slip past.

Prosthetic Legs Tuned Using AI Can Help Patients Walk Better, Faster

We imagine that putting on a prosthetic limb for the first time ever can be rather disconcerting. This means that patients tend to take time to get used to it, to walking around, and potentially even running. However it seems that researchers believe that by using AI to tune these prosthetic limbs, it could help speed up the recovery process.

DeepMind AI Dominates Against Top StarCraft 2 Pros

There is the popular saying, “Practice makes perfect”. The principle behind it is that the more you work on something, in theory you should get better at it. This principle was put to the test when Google’s DeepMind AI trained to beat some of the world’s top StarCraft 2 pros, which they successfully did by winning 10-1.


Facebook Backs AI Ethics Research Center

There is some debate going on regarding the development of AI. There are some, such as Tesla’s Elon Musk, who has expressed concern in the past about the dangers of AI, but as is the case with all tools, we suppose a large part of it depends on how you use it. That being said, Facebook has recently announced that they are backing the creation of an AI ethics research […]

Robot Dog Can Learn To Pick Itself Back Up After A Fall

There are some movies where we get comical scenes of people pushing over robots who are unable to pick themselves up after they fall. This seemed like a good way to run away from our robot overlords, at least until now where researchers have actually taught a robot dog how to pick itself back up after it has fallen over.

Xiaomi’s Yi Home Camera 3 Announced With Smarter Notifications

For those who are unfamiliar, Xiaomi actually makes a lot more things than just phones, which the company is probably best known for. In fact Xiaomi actually makes a fair number of smart home products such as smart lighting systems and even security cameras, the latter of which was announced at CES 2019 in the form of the Yi Home Camera 3.

AI Found To Be More Accurate Than Doctors At Detecting Cervical Cancer

It is recommended that we go regularly for checkups at our doctors to ensure that we are healthy and that there are no issues with general health. These checkups can also help to look for cancer, but sometimes this can be missed even by experts. This is why we’re starting to see more AI being trained when it comes to cancer detection.

Researchers Develop AI That Detects Alzheimer’s Six Years Early

Being able to anticipate or predict something way before it happens allows us to better prepare ourselves. In the case of our health, sometimes an early diagnosis means that there could be a chance of you curing the problem entirely, or at least preventing it from affecting you too badly and making adjustments to your life accordingly.

Quell 2.0 Introduces A Smarter Way For Pain Relief

#CES2019 – There are several ways that one can go about dealing with chronic pain. In some cases, a ointment or a rub gets the job done. Sometimes soaking the area in warm water can also help, and in some cases when these methods aren’t good enough, that’s where medication can come in.

Kia’s AI Can Adjust The Interior Of Vehicles Based On Your Emotions

You’ve probably realized this, but based on how a room is lit up or the colors of the walls or art, it can evoke certain feelings in you. Kia knows this and is hoping to leverage that by implementing it into the interiors of their cars, although in this particular instance, AI will be used to determine your mood and the car’s interiors will change accordingly.

Intel Uses AI Cameras To Help Stop Poachers

Poaching is illegal but yet many seem to do it anyway, and the problem is that once it’s done, there’s no way to “reverse” it. Now we have seen technology being used to help stop poaching, such as using 3D printed rhino horns to drive down prices, or using AI to help analyze sounds of animals.

LG Unveils New TVs Powered By Its ThinQ AI

A lot of the so-called smart TVs in the market today aren’t necessarily “smart”. They do come with a ton of features like the ability to support apps, browse the web, and play games, but for the most part they’re still a TV at the end of the day. However LG wants to change that perception with its 2019 smart TVs.

Google Details How The Pixel 3’s ‘Top Shot’ Feature Works

It is safe to say that Google has made huge strides with their camera technology over the years, whereas before cameras on the company’s Nexus phones felt average at best, but that has definitely changed with their Pixel phones. One of those features is known as Top Shot which attempts to snap the “best” moment.