Articles about AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Chanel Debuts AI Powered App That Can Find Lipstick In Any Shade
If you’ve ever seen a person in an advertisement or on TV or in a photograph wear a lipstick whose shade you like, you’ll be able to find that shade for yourself. This is thanks to Chanel who recently debuted an app called the Lipscanner that uses the power of AI to help find the exact shade in the image.

Thanks To AI, We Can Now Enjoy Being Rickrolled In 4K Resolution
By now if you’ve been on the internet for long enough, you might be familiar with “rickrolling”, which basically involves someone linking or playing a clip of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. The music video itself is pretty old as it was filmed back in 1987 where concepts like Full HD, let alone 4K, weren’t even fathomable yet.

Researcher Prove That These So-Called Deepfake Detectors Can Be Tricked
Deepfake can be fun when you superimpose your photo or a photo of a friend onto someone else and make it look like they’re talking. However, it’s not difficult to see the potential problem behind this, where people could easily manipulate photos and videos to spread misinformation. This is why tech companies are working on deepfake detectors.

Makers Of The Sophia Robot Plan A Massive Rollout In 2021
The concept of robots aren’t new. We see them in factories where they help to make all kinds of products, but they are exactly common outside of those settings. Sure, you might see a couple if you go to Japan or Korea, but like we said, it’s not very often that you would encounter a robot in a home or in a shop.


GTA 6 Could Introduce Smarter NPCs
Let’s face it, the AI used to control NPCs in video games aren’t exactly very smart, but then again, maybe they were never meant to be that smart to begin with. Typically, NPCs in video games are just used to advance the storyline or sell players items, so we guess there was never really a need to make them very smart.

Jooxter Smart Occupancy Management App Helps Social Distancing at Work
French startup Jooxter, a pioneer in smart occupancy management, uses technology tools such as AI, Cloud, and IoT to reinvent the COVID / Post- COVID hybrid work model. Part of the French Tech delegation at CES 2021, Jooxter launched its new web application that maximizes office space, reduces cost, and keeps employees productive and socially engaged. The innovative and secure platform facilitates both remote and physical team management to help […]

Sony Announces New Bravia TVs With Cognitive Processor XR
When we think of smart TVs, we think of TVs that come with features like the ability to support apps, streaming services, and more. However, it seems that Sony is really trying to redefine what we know as a smart TV because ahead of CES 2021, the company has announced a new lineup of Bravia TVs that will be powered by Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR.

Microsoft Wants To Make A Chatbot That Could Let Us ‘Talk’ To Dead Loved Ones
The way AI learns is similar to how humans learn – feed it information and it will take that information and make decisions based on it. It’s useful because computers can work faster than humans and be more objective when presented with information, but it’s also a bit scary when you think about what else it can be used for.

This AI Playing A Non-Stop Bass Solo Is All Kinds Of Impressive
Playing a musical solo can be difficult, especially if you’re required to think and improvise on the spot. This is because our brains need to make the connection as to which note that we should go to next, whether or not it’ll sound good, the different rhythms we can apply, and so on. However, it’s a different story when it comes to AI which can think of these things more […]

Netflix Details How They Use AI To Help Market Shows To Its Subscribers
When it comes to marketing and determining if a show or movie is going to be a success, there are various tests and focus groups involved. However, it seems that Netflix is going a slightly more hi-tech route because in a blog post, the company has outlined how they are leveraging AI to help market shows to subscribers to try and get them to watch it.

This Is How Google Trained Its Portrait Lighting AI
While companies were eagerly putting out smartphones with dual cameras, Google stuck with a single camera but instead opted to use AI to help boost its photos quality. It worked out remarkably well, although the company’s subsequent handsets did eventually include more than one camera.

DeepMind AI Might Have Just Predicted How Proteins Fold And Form Their Shapes
Many of us are familiar with protein. It’s the thing we get when we consume certain foods, and it is also the building blocks of life where it helps with the formation of bones, muscles, skin, blood, and so on. While scientists have familiarized themselves with it, one of the mysteries is how it forms.

YouTube Testing AI-Generated Video Chapters
One of the newer features that YouTube had introduced to its platform was the ability for creators to add chapters to their videos. This helped longer form videos where creators can break down their videos into different chapters so that users can easily and quickly skip to the section that they want.

Google’s AI Will Help You Write Poetry In The Style Of Legendary Poets
One of the reasons why art is considered subjective and two pieces are never quite the same is because when creating art, how we go about creating it is based on our personal experiences that help us develop a style over time. However, there are some poets who are considered legends when it comes to their prose.

South Korean News Channel Introduces An AI-Powered News Anchor
There are reasons why news anchors are still relevant in this day and age when you can easily read news online. This is because anchors have personalities and a way of delivering the news and analyzing them with their comments that can make a particular piece of news insightful and provide more context than just reading them.

UK Army General Thinks Robots Could Make Up A Quarter Of Their Army By The 2030s
One of the reasons why robots are preferred over humans for certain tasks is because they don’t necessarily need to take breaks the same way humans do. They don’t get “tired” in the conventional sense, don’t call in sick, and always do what they’re told. This is why they’re perfect for manufacturing, and also why they might be perfect for the army.

AI Could Soon Make Our Smart Speakers More Intuitive
Smart speakers are always listening out for its activation phrase, whether it be “Hey Siri”, “OK Google”, or “Alexa”. This has created problems where watching a video with those phrases might accidentally trigger your smart speaker, but thanks to the work of researchers, they’re developing AI that could make smart speakers, well, smarter.

AI Tracking Camera Hilariously Mistakes Bald Referee’s Head For A Soccer Ball
If you ask a camera operator to track a soccer ball on the field, they probably wouldn’t have much difficulty in doing so, or at least they would have no issues differentiating between a soccer ball and a human head. However, when it comes to AI, it might be a different story, like in the case of a soccer game held in Scotland.

Apple Just Acquire A Company Whose AI Can Figure Out What’s In Your Videos
One of the features of Google Photos is that Google leverages AI to help users identify people and objects in their photos. Given the number of photos we might take with our smartphone camera, it can sometimes be rather difficult for us to find what we are looking for, and that’s what the AI is used for.

Cyberpunk 2077 Uses AI To Help Characters Lip Sync Dialogue More Believably
The problem with video games is that while the graphics might look realistic and insanely detailed, there are certain things that could still stand to be improved upon, such as character dialogue where for the most part, the way characters speak doesn’t necessarily match the voice acting.