Facebook Debuts Rosetta AI That Can Decipher Text In Memes

Using plaintext to post status updates and spread hate messages can be easily picked up by systems designed to scan and filter text. However when this text is put into memes, images, and videos, it becomes a bit tricky, especially since one can easily swap out a video or image for a new one with existing text.

Researchers Find That Robots Can Develop Prejudices Like Humans

Unlike humans where emotions are involved, robots are usually depicted as being cold and uncaring, and base all their actions and decisions on the information and data that is available to them. However in a study by researchers at Cardiff University and MIT (via TechCrunch), it has been discovered that robots actually have the ability to develop prejudices just like humans.

AI Could Soon Be Used To Fight Against Elephant Poachers

Technology has come a long way in helping us achieve things we could never have in the past, such as coming up with ways to help deter poachers and promote animal conservation. For example 3D printing has been used to manufacture fake rhino horns in hopes that by flooding the market with them, it will reduce the price of real horns.

Google’s AI Toolkit Helps Make Detecting Child Sex Abuse Images Easier

There is a lot that goes behind the scenes when it comes to flagging and detecting illegal content online to prevent them from being spread even further. Unfortunately this is a job that comes with a toll on the human psyche as it basically means that there are people whose jobs are to scan and go through tons of disturbing and traumatizing content just to make the web a safer […]


MIT Develops AI That Can Detect Depression From Your Conversations

It has often been said that people who are depressed might not necessarily show signs of depression, at least until it is too late. Compound that with the fact that we ourselves live busy lives and have our own selves to take care of, it can be hard to try and look for signs of depression in others, like family members and loved ones.

Google & Harvard Use AI To Predict The Aftershocks Of Earthquakes

When an earthquake takes place, naturally the size of the earthquake itself is something to be concerned over, where it could be something small, or it could result in a massive natural disaster. However the aftershocks are also something that need to be considered, where it could result in structures weakened by the initial earthquake to collapse.

Huawei AI Cube Is An Alexa-Powered Speaker & 4G Router

#IFA18 – Yesterday Netgear announced a rather interesting product with the Orbi Voice. What made this interesting was the fact that this was not only a mesh router system, but it also combined a speaker from Harman Kardon that also supported Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant platform, making it an all-in-one device. Turns out that this idea is catching on very quickly because at IFA 2018, Huawei has also announced a […]

HomeCourt Is A Basketball App That Uses AI To Improve Your Game

The mantra “practice makes perfect” is very true, but it is also important to practice the right way. After all practicing something the wrong way many times still ends up being wrong at the end of the day. This is true in sports where having coaches as an objective party can help improve your game.

Facebook & NYU Researchers Want To Use AI To Speed Up MRI Scans

We’ve all seen it on TV or in movies, where sometimes when a character needs to undergo an MRI scan, they get a bit worried namely because these MRI machines can be loud and also confined, which is of course not doing anyone with claustrophobia any favors. However researchers from Facebook and NYU’s School of Medicine want to help improve on that.

Automated Drones Will Be Used To Prevent Illegal Fishing In Africa

It has been a well-established fact that drones are useful for all kinds of situations, whether it be for creative purposes or even for industrial use. We’ve also seen how drones can be used to help keep birds from flying near airports to prevent any accidents, and now it looks like drones could also be used to help fight against illegal fishing.

Google’s Data Center Uses AI For Its Cooling System

Data centers are where companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook store their servers which contain all kinds of information and processes. Due to the sheer number of users and customers such companies have, these data centers tend to be huge which means that a lot of cooling is required to prevent the computers from overheating.

Overwatch Players Can Look Forward To Real-Time In-Game AI Coaching

Unless you have the money to hire an actual “tutor” to teach you how to improve your skills in a game, chances are a lot of times it boils down to trial and error, doing plenty of research in the forums, watching videos, and endless hours of practice. While the mantra of practice makes perfect still holds true, perhaps AI could help speed up the learning process.

Uber Uses AI To Determine If Your Trips Are Personal Or Business

People use Uber for work trips and personal trips, and sometimes in the heat of the moment, we might accidentally expense a work trip to our own personal account, and a personal trip to our work accounts. This means that it can get messy trying to sort out all the receipts and what not, but Uber is here to help.

Machine Learning Could Be Used To Identify Anonymous Code

Just like cooking, drawing, or writing, when it comes to coding, every programmer has a personal preference in how the algorithm is laid out, how certain pieces of code are strung together, and so on, ultimately creating a “signature” of sorts. Now researchers have found that by using machine learning, it can be used to help identify pieces of code even if they were written anonymously.