Articles about AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Ghost 4 Military Drone Uses AI For Surveillance And Attacks
The concept of drones raises mixed feelings in people. For some, drones are viewed as recreational devices where they can be used to take photos and videos, while others view drones as an invasion of privacy and also where they can be used in warfare to conduct surveillance on the enemy and also launch attacks.

AI Beats Human F-16 Pilot In Simulated Dogfight
It is largely believed that one day, many jobs could eventually be replaced by robots. This is because robots pretty much do whatever humans tell them to do. There is no slacking off, and there are no issues with robots getting tired, falling sick, or having to take leave to deal with personal issues.

Facebook’s AI Will Generate MRI Images In Minutes
Even if you’ve never been in an MRI machine, chances are you might have seen it in use in television shows and movies. Usually this involves doctors telling patients that they’ll have to remain perfectly still in order for the machine to capture images, which can be a frustratingly slow process that can take as long as an hour.

This AI Generated Blog Made It To The Top Of Hacker News
We’ve seen how AI can be used to generate very convincing deepfake videos, but can AI be smart enough where it can generate blog posts that sounds and reads like a human wrote it? Could it be convincing enough where it might even be able to fool readers into thinking that it was not written by a computer?


Researchers Use AI To Find The Best Mask Against COVID-19
To help prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading even more than it should, many governments and health organizations around the world are recommending that we wear masks. However, there are many types of masks out there, ranging from the more surgical types to homemade cloth ones, but which masks are the best?

Researchers Use AI To Generate Extremely Realistic Tennis Matches
There will not be a Wimbledon Championship this year due to the coronavirus. This isn’t surprising as many sporting events have been put on hold or postponed, most notably the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. But what if you really wanted to watch a game of tennis? Thanks to the use of AI, researchers have managed to create an extremely realistic and almost believable game of tennis.

This Credit Card Uses AI To Better Manage Your Finances
We all probably think that we have a relatively good handle on our finances, but rarely is that the case. A lot of times, our wants tend to outweigh our needs, which can lead to unnecessary spending and landing ourselves in debt, especially if you own a credit card which makes it way too easy to buy things you might not necessarily be able to afford.

AI Could Soon Determine What Makes A Successful Relationship
What makes for a successful relationship? A lot of people believe that communication is key, but could there be more? We suppose it can be subjective ranging from person to person, but researchers at Western University are leading a study to see if maybe AI can help to make it more definitive.

MIT’s Art AI Finds Connections Between Paintings We Did Not Know Existed
Are there such things as a truly unique piece of artwork? After all, artists derive their inspiration from all kinds of things, so sometimes subconsciously, they might have created a piece of artwork that could resemble something else without them knowing, and it is this connection that MIT’s AI is able to sniff out.

Japanese AI App Can Tell How Good Is Your Tuna Sashimi
When you eat tuna sashimi or sushi, there are some that are more expensive, and some that are cheaper. This is due to the different grades of tuna, where usually higher-end restaurants tend to get the better/more premium cuts, and it usually takes an experienced buyer to be able to tell how good the quality is when selecting the fish.

An AI Robot Has Just Been Cast As A Lead In A $70 Million Sci-Fi Film
Unlike human beings, robots generally do not display emotions because they can’t feel them. As such, you would think that there are certain jobs that simply cannot be replaced by robots, such as acting jobs, but think again. Over in Hollywood, it seems that an AI robot has been cast in the lead role in an upcoming sci-fi flick.

This AI Can Turn Pixelated Faces Into Realistic Portrait Photos
We’ve all seen instances in movies, especially sci-fi and crime-based movies where a suspect’s face might be obscured or pixelated, but through the magic of software, it somehow manages to depixelate their faces to reveal the actual person. Thanks to Russian developer Denis Malimonov, that reality has come true, sort of.

Researchers Use AI To Uncover The Painting Techniques Of Famous Artists
There is a reason why certain artists are so famous, and while there are a ton of great artists out there, some of whom can even replicate the styles of famous master painters, it can never be 100% the same. However, it seems that by using AI, researchers are figuring out how these master painters achieved their famous works of art.

Amazon Turns To AI And AR To Help Its Warehouse Workers Socially Distance
To combat the spread of the coronavirus, many health experts around the world have advised people to practice social distancing. This means that people should stand at a distance away from each other to prevent the virus from transmitting, or at least make it a bit more difficult for it to find a new host.