Articles about AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Japanese AI App Can Tell How Good Is Your Tuna Sashimi
When you eat tuna sashimi or sushi, there are some that are more expensive, and some that are cheaper. This is due to the different grades of tuna, where usually higher-end restaurants tend to get the better/more premium cuts, and it usually takes an experienced buyer to be able to tell how good the quality is when selecting the fish.

An AI Robot Has Just Been Cast As A Lead In A $70 Million Sci-Fi Film
Unlike human beings, robots generally do not display emotions because they can’t feel them. As such, you would think that there are certain jobs that simply cannot be replaced by robots, such as acting jobs, but think again. Over in Hollywood, it seems that an AI robot has been cast in the lead role in an upcoming sci-fi flick.

This AI Can Turn Pixelated Faces Into Realistic Portrait Photos
We’ve all seen instances in movies, especially sci-fi and crime-based movies where a suspect’s face might be obscured or pixelated, but through the magic of software, it somehow manages to depixelate their faces to reveal the actual person. Thanks to Russian developer Denis Malimonov, that reality has come true, sort of.

Researchers Use AI To Uncover The Painting Techniques Of Famous Artists
There is a reason why certain artists are so famous, and while there are a ton of great artists out there, some of whom can even replicate the styles of famous master painters, it can never be 100% the same. However, it seems that by using AI, researchers are figuring out how these master painters achieved their famous works of art.


Amazon Turns To AI And AR To Help Its Warehouse Workers Socially Distance
To combat the spread of the coronavirus, many health experts around the world have advised people to practice social distancing. This means that people should stand at a distance away from each other to prevent the virus from transmitting, or at least make it a bit more difficult for it to find a new host.

Robots Could Soon Help Surgeons With The Suturing Process
We’ve been seeing how AI has been used rather extensively in the medical industry, where AI has been trained to spot certain things that a doctor might have missed. This is because as humans, there are many things that can affect our judgement, like being tired, being stressed, and so on.

Sony Wants AI To Take Over Players Who Ragequit
We’re sure that if you’ve ever played a multiplayer game, there’s a chance that you might have come across an instance when someone gets mad and just quits the game, or they have a connection issue and drop out. This kind of ruins the experience as it sometimes means that a team loses because they’re one player short.

Google Meet’s AI-Powered Noise-Cancelling Feature Is Rolling Out To Users
The problem with a lot of home studio setups is that generally speaking, they’re not exactly designed to produce recording studio-like audio quality and clarity. A lot of times, the microphones we use, especially those built into our laptops and webcams, pick up background noise fairly easily.

This AI Generates Random Gibberish Words With ‘Dictionary’ Definitions
AI is great as it can help automate a lot of things because it can learn, meaning that instead of it following a strict and rigid process, it can adapt itself over time. To that end, developer Thomas Dimson has decided to have some fun where he has created a website called “This Word Does Not Exist” where AI is used to randomly generate gibberish words and come up with […]

Microsoft Wants To Use AI To Help Improve Object Recognition For The Visually Impaired
Those who are visually impaired might either have a hard time seeing or are unable to see at all. However, thanks to technology like object recognition, we’ve seen how our smartphone cameras can be used to “see” the room and identify objects by announcing them out loud to the user.

Facebook Turns To AI To Help It Better Fight Against Hate Speech And Misinformation
As the world grows more connected, it has also given all kinds of people a platform to broadcast and share their views and thoughts. However, some of these views can be considered to be hateful and racist, and also with the ease of sharing, it is often quite easy to accidentally share something that could be outright false or perhaps wrong.

AI Is Being Used To Generate Memes With Hilarious Results
Companies generally spend quite a lot of time and resources in developing and training AI models. We’ve seen AI used in all kinds of ways, such as detecting diseases in humans that doctors might have otherwise missed, but the folks over at Imgflip have come up with a rather novel use of the technology, which is to create memes.

USPTO Says AI Cannot Be Legally Credited As An Inventor
The general idea behind patent and copyright law is that whoever creates it or comes up with the idea should be considered as its creator or inventor. However, what if the creator was not human? What if the idea for a product or service or invention was actually created by a computer, like AI?

Deezer Wants To Use AI To Detect Explicit Lyrics In Songs
We’re sure that you can come across CDs and songs on streaming platforms that have been labeled as having explicit content, usually to indicate if a song has swear words that might not be appropriate for underaged listeners. These labels are either suggested by the label or the artist or a human would have to manually go through them to put a label on it.