Interested in getting your hands on a bike made out of titanium? Paul Budnitz has recently revealed two titanium bike models which we’re sure will impress your friends, although it will not come cheap and will easily relieve your wallet/purse of $5,500.

The models have been named No. 1 and No. 2, which isn’t exactly the most creative of names although it does have a pretty minimalist feel to it, which is pretty much how the bike looks as well. The difference between either model is that they have been built for different riding conditions, with model No. 1 featuring slick tires on 700cc Velocity rims. It also features a more upright position and harder gear rations.

Model No. 2 is more for laid back bike riding, unlike No. 1, and features a larger wheel in the front and a smaller one at the back. It also comes with lower gearing and swept back handle bars, as pictured above.

As we mentioned earlier, the bikes will cost you $5,500 each but you will definitely stand out among your other cyclist friends. Head on down to their website for more details.

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