When you talk about board games, most of us would think of traditional purchases such as Monopoly, Boggle, Risk or Scrabble. It seems that the advent of technology has also caught up with the board game market, where the Yoomi DUO is said to transform your iPad (as well as its successor) into an interactive board game. At least this is something which might help peel your kids away from the console and TV, spending a different time of family time together instead.

The Yoomi DUO will need to be placed on top of your iPad, where it intends to bring together both the old and the new genres in a single place. The DUO will ship with tokens to get you started, and tokens are integral to the game, ensuring that there is a definite winner at the end (and on the polar opposite, a loser).

Currently, Yoomi is the only title that plays nice with the DUO, although we do hope to see other upcoming games work in tandem with this new accessory as well. The Yoomi DUO can be purchased for $14.99 over at Amazon if you’re interested.

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