Nice to know that those who want to maintain a fitness regiment can always call upon the help of gadgets – case in point, the BodyMedia FIT CORE Armband. This might not look like much when you first lay your eyes on it, but it is mean to help you bring your workouts to the next level without being cumbersome. Being around 33% smaller in overall volume compared to previous BodyMedia FIT Armbands, it is capable of capturing more than 5,000 data points per minute thanks to a quartet of sophisticated sensors.

Basically, expect the BodyMedia FIT CORE Armband to track a slew of information from calories burned to steps taken, levels of physical activity and sleep. It is said that this can provide you with the most accurate calorie burned in the market, and the technology crammed inside has been clinically proven to improve weight loss by 3x. I guess determination and discipline also has a lot to do with the end results.

The CORE Armband can last anywhere from four to six days on a full charge, making it a snap to be in action throughout the week without requiring you to remember to juice it up every day. Expect to pick up the BodyMedia FIT CORE Armband for $179.99, where that price will come with a free trial period subscription to the Activity Manager. Might as well get started early for next year’s New Year’s resolutions, no? [Press Release]

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