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Thinking of improving the audio quality of your computer but you don’t feel like forking out tons of cash for a high-end audio system? Well, you’re in luck. The folks over at Bongiovi Acoustics have come up with a solution to the problem in the form of a program that improves the quality of the audio being played on your computer.

Called the Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station (DPS), this simple plug-in for Windows enables users to enhance the sound quality of all audio that is played on the computer. Here’s how it works: “…Bongiovi’s technology interacts with the source material in real-time, effectively decompressing the audio signal. DPS’s unique profiling system then informs the DPS processor how to optimize the acoustic performance of your listening hardware, significantly enhancing the audio performance of your computer’s internal speakers.”

After being optimized with Plug-In, the audio coming out from your computer it is said to sound significantly better than if you were to just play the audio without processing it. I haven’t tested it for myself, but Bongiovi Acoustics has a free trial for its DPS Plug-In which you can use to judge for yourself before you fork out the money to purchase it. As part of an introductory offer, Bongiovi Acoustics DPS is available for a limited time at $14.99. Check it out at the official Bongiovi Acoustics website. It is also available as a free app for iOS devices, get it from the Apple App Store.

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