Control4 has just rolled out their 7″ Portable Touch Screen display that is touted to deliver two-way intelligent control and navigation of a Control4 system. It will of course boast a capacitive full-color LCD panel, sporting a look that is easy on the eyes, not to mention dedicated control functionality that empowers homeowners in a way where other tablet devices are unable to.

This will certainly add to the prestige of the Control4 brand, where it will expand upon the successful line of Control4 in-wall touch screens. The Portable Touch Screen (couldn’t they have come up with a cooler name?) will deliver a much welcome flexibility thanks to its tablet form factor, while you need not worry about it running out of juice anytime soon with a long-lasting rechargeable battery and a tabletop charging station.

Once it is out of the cradle, the Portable Touch Screen will deliver excellent wireless range, letting you move up and about without losing control. When docked, it will function as a tabletop touch screen, and you are even able to use its intercom functionality with a license activation. Expect to fork out $999 for this, while the intercom license will cost you an additional $399. [Press Release]

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