How do fire fighters know when is it safe enough to enter a burning building? First of all they probably undergo rigorous training and courses that prepare them for such situations, but now thanks to Intel Research Labs, a new device has been created that will provide more accurate data to let fire fighters know when the building is safe for entry.

The device in question has been dubbed the “Fireball” and as the picture above suggests, it looks like it was meant to be thrown, which is what the fire fighter will do when arriving on scene. The Fireball will be throw into the building where its sensors can detect temperature, oxygen levels and various gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrogen and other toxic gases. The information is then relayed wirelessly back to an Intel Atom powered server in the back of the fire truck.

Not content with just sending it to the server, Intel is also working on sending the information relayed by the Fireball onto an app that can be downloaded onto smartphones.  It seems that Intel has no current plans to start mass producing the Fireballs but instead will work with various partners to produce them. Sounds pretty neat and we’re guessing that fire fighters will welcome the Fireball (a rather ironic choice of name) as it should be able to cut down on unnecessary or unforeseen accidents. Check out the video below for more information.

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