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Tango is a cross-platform mobile video calling application that launched a year ago both on Android and iOS. The application was downloaded one million time ten days after the launch and today, it has over 23 million users in 190 countries. According to Eric Setton, Founder and CTO, Tango, the usage – the time spent on the service – has doubled in the past 3 months.
The service is available on over 450 mobile devices, which is impressive knowing how difficult it is to address the Android fragmentation problem for a mobile application developer.

Tango for PC was the number one request from users; the company is launching the Windows version on its anniversary date.   The user interface is similar to the phone version, it reproduces a smartphone on the PC screen (see picture), making it easier for existing users to browse the PC application. People can use Tango between the PC, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch, iPad, and hundreds of Android phones and tablets.
Once the PC client is downloaded, people can create a Tango account by simply entering their mobile number. For Tango members, the PC will sync automatically to their mobile device after entering the phone number used to register on the mobile app.

We can expect more innovation from Tango in the near future: according to Eric Setton, thanks to its rapid growth, the company is now able to talk directly to hardware manufacturers such as Qualcomm to develop better software. On phones powered by the latest Snapdragon SoCs, like the HTC Sensation for example, Tango is capable of directly accessing the video encoding chip to deliver a higher frame rate and high resolution for video playback.  Additionally, the application will soon be available on Windows Phone 7.

Tango is available in the App Store and Android Market, and for the PC, available as a free download at www.tango.me.

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