Touch Revolution multi touch monitor supports four finger touch capabilityTouch Revolution intends to introduce multi-touch functionality to even more people with their new 21.5″ multi-touch monitor that is capable of recognizing not three, but four fingers touching it simultaneously for added flexibility. Also known as the 21.5″ TRū Projected Capacitive Monitor, it comes in a sleek industrial design and will come in both desktop and open frame configurations.

Guess even those working in the industrial line do know of the benefits of multi-touch support in the displays used, so the new 21.5″ monitor here delivers an attractive bezel-free design which is a snap to maintain. If you opt for the desktop version, that will be accompanied by a sturdy, minimalist matte black stand, accompanied by easy plug-and-play integration, Windows 7 certification and available Linux support.

No idea on pricing as at press time though, but if it is going to boost productivity while making your organization look a little more updated, then surely it is worth the entry price, no? [Press Release]

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