11-feet tall arcade machineIf you happen to be extremely tall and you love video games, you might want to pay a visit to the New York Comic Con that’s going on this weekend. The folks over at Arcade DLX are demonstrating a massive custom-made arcade machine that’s way too tall for most people to play comfortably. It stands 11-feet tall, it packs a 73″ display, and has a row of four arcade controllers and a giant trackball in the middle. And believe it or not – it was specially built for the Comic Con because Arcade DLX couldn’t bring its 14-feet tall, world record-holding, machine to the event.

You’ll probably need a high barstool or a ladder to sit comfortably while you game on the machine. Head over to the source link to check out a video clip of the monstrosity. And do head over to Arcade DLX if you’d like them to build you a custom arcade machine to your specifications.

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