I love cities where public transport allows you to bring your bicycles around – or in this case, tricycles. If you think that recumbent bicycles are right up your alley, how about taking on a recumbent tricycle? That should definitely help you get noticed, and despite the fact that it looks rather cumbersome, Evolve Trike from Australia is fully foldable and hence, easy to tote around.

It not only take a matter of seconds to fold up, you also need not carry around a set of tools with you to fold it up or take it apart – which is definitely something new in this industry. The Evolve trike is said to be able to be folded into the back of a Smart car in under 13 seconds, but if you prefer to carry it around in an oversize suitcase, that might take around 18 seconds instead after removing the back wheel.

The footprint when folded is said to be slightly more than that of a standing person, and for easier transportation, it can even be wheeled then. The frame is said to be as rigid as a non-hinged frame, and remains stable even if you decide to zoom about downhill at speeds of more than 50 mph (80.5 km/h). Currently, the Evolve trike is not for sale just yet, presumably the engineers want to work on the material of choice to further reduce the current weight of40 pounds (18 kg).

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