For those who had their curiosity stoked by the StreamHD from Warpia but did not want to fork out $170 for this puppy, perhaps the introduction of the Value Edition might just make you prise open that wallet of yours. The Warpia StreamHD Value Edition will cost $40 less – which clearly places it at $140 a pop now, and while forking out more than a Benjamin might not be considered to be “cheap”, it is still easier on your bank account than the non-Value Edition version.

At that price point, you will find a similar USB adapter inside, in addition to a wireless receiver as well as an A/V base with an HDMI out. Heck, there is also an HDMI cable in the package to further save you more money, but your ears will miss out on 5.1 surround sound, S/PDIF out and the only kind of audio supported over HDMI would be stereo. Still, do you think those “misses” will more than make up for the $40 discount? It really depends on your needs at the moment, really, and there definitely is a market for the Value Edition – otherwise Warpia would not have introduced something like it. [Product Page]

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