Cadence Radian WatchThe Cadence Watch Company recently brought Chris Thompson, the designer of the Math Clock into the brand as Creative Director, and they’ve teamed up to create a new watch that will no doubt please math geeks worldwide. Called the Radian Watch, it eschews almost all the conventional features of a watch and replaces the traditional numbers with equations instead.

“The Radian Watch combines the unit circle with the 12 hour dial. I hope you already know how to tell time, so we stuck 0 at the 3 o’clock position like it belongs and the radians count up counter clockwise. I called out the angle measurements at each of the hour positions and stuck the eighths in there too.

In the background is the subtle Archimedean spiral, because it’s looks cool and graphs the equation r = a + bθ.” – Christopher Thompson.

If you know how to read the time at once glance, this watch is probably for you. No prices or release dates have been mentioned, but Cadence will be giving away one Radian Watch when it goes on sale. Find out more.

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