Garia LSVFor some reason if you have a fantasy of driving a golf cart out of a golf course and onto the road – you’re in luck. The folks over at Garia have what you need. The company recently announced the availability of the Garia LSV: a golf cart that’s been made street legal so you can drive it on roads without any fear of getting ticketed.

In case you’re wondering what the LSV in its name stands for – it’s Low Speed Vehicle. The golf “car” has a speed limit of 25mph, four wheels, no doors, and the usual bevy of accessories like lights, mirrors and seatbelts. If you like, a refrigerator can also be built-into the car for those times when you need a nice cool drink in the hot sun. The Garia LSV is available now with prices starting from $14,500. Anybody keen on driving one?

[Garia LSV product page]

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