PS3 updateDo you own a Sony PS3 console in your living room or bedroom, and have neglected it as of late simply because Skyrim came out? Well, you might want to wipe the dust off this bad boy, as the PS3 System Software Update has just leveled up – to touch version 4.00, to be exact. This is not a major system update, but rather, is a preparatory one to co-incide with the PlayStation Vita’s launch (also known as the PS Vita for short) in the Land of the Rising Sun. The whole point of this update is to transform the PS3 into a content management device, where it will enable users to copy their collection of digital content including games, music, photos, and videos between the PS Vita and PS3, while offering you the option to back up your PS Vita games as well, such as save game data to your PS3 hard drive.

Not only that, you too can update the system software for your PS Vita system thanks to the network features found on the PS3. Now how about that for having same devices under the same hardware ecosystem? Apart from that, other changes that come with this update include the ability for PlayStation Plus members to choose between enabling or disabling each automatic update feature, different game patches, and synchronization of trophy information among others. Have you applied the update yet, and how do you find it? [Press Release]

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