Want a pair of headphones that not only gets the job done, but will also be able to make you look good whenever you strut outdoors? Enter Urbanears with their Quilted Plattan – this is in fact the first model that will be part of the newly introduced Editions range of headphones. Just what are Editions? In a nutshell, they are special models that will feature a little bit of luxury for your ears, and there are plans by Urbanears to introduce more models throughout the calendar year. Featuring a padded headband as well as comfortable ear cushions, they are all wrapped in an all-over quilted stitching, which might bring back warm memories for some as it would resemble those that you will find on a jacket that grandma or mom quilted for you lovingly back in the day. If you want to bring back a pair of these, you can pick it up for $80 a pop. Definitely the way to go if you want to add more fashion options to your wardrobe, don’t you think so?

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