A new generation of Microsoft surface smart table is ready for consumption. We’ve seen it at CES, but the SUR40 can now be purchased for about $8400. This is a massive 40″ touch display equipped with Gorilla glass to improve its toughness (it’s the biggest Gorilla glass ever). Underneath this layer of protection, Samsung and Microsoft have built PixelSense, an LCD technology that turns every single pixel of the screen into a tiny infra-red (IR) sensor.  With this capability, the table knows when something touches it simply because it blocks infra-red light from reaching the sensor. Today’s capacitive touch screens detect an electrical signal from our bodies. Older technologies relied on a certain amount of pressure. However, neither would have issues with electrically inert objects (mugs…), or super-light objects (paper…). Samsung’s PixelSense gets the job done. What kind of applications would you like to see?

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