Star Syringes K1 Auto Disposable syringeAccording to the World Health Organization – every year approximately 1.3 million people die worldwide due to diseases contracted through the reuse of syringes. It’s about time somebody did something and that’s where the Star Syringe K1 Auto Disposable syringe comes in. No, the syringe doesn’t throw itself away when it’s empty, but it becomes as good as useless after one use.

The K1 Auto Disposable syringe uses a small ring that is etched onto the inside of the syringe barrel that allows a specially adapted plunger to move past the ring when it’s delivering the injection but cannot be drawn back over it. However, if someone attempts to force the plunger back, the end will snap off inside the syringe which makes sure that it stays unusable.

The syringes will cost the same to make as regular syringes, and only minor adjustments are required in existing production lines. However because they can’t be reused, organizations will need to spend more money on supplies. But seeing how the benefits would outweigh the costs (lowered healthcare costs due to the reduce spread of diseases), it should be worth it in the end. Read more.

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