Android Team launches Android Training classes for developers

Perhaps in an effort to attract more developers onto the Android platform, the Android Team has decided to launch a program called “Android Training”. Basically what this entails is a series of classes that is being aimed at Android (would-be) developers to help build better Android apps.

These classes will cover topics such as more effective app navigation, managing audio playback and even teaches developers how to optimize battery life with their app creations. It sounds like a great idea and who better to learn from than the team behind Android themselves, right?

The Android Training program is currently a beta launch and will start off with a handful of lessons, but according to the team, more classes will be made available over the coming months. If you’re a seasoned developer looking for some tips, or you’re a budding developer thinking about possibly developing your own apps, head on down to the Android Training page where you will be able to access the lessons currently available.

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