Ubergizmo Digital Fall Event: The Future of VR, Tomorrow in SF

Ubergizmo, in partnership with Open House, is holding an event for entrepreneurs and developers tomorrow at the Target Open House in downtown San Francisco. Our industry-insiders panelists will share their experiences building cutting-edge VR products and applications. The intimate setting makes it easy to ask specific questions and have a meaningful interaction. You can register for free on the event page (short URL: tinyurl.com/y8a8ey9l). If you have not been to […]

Samsung Bixby 2.0: Beyond Smartphones

Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant, was launched in version 1.0 with the Galaxy S8 six months ago is going to be updated to 2.0 soon. Announced at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) today, the new version will be much better and extend well beyond smartphones.

Qualcomm Snapdragon VR820 Reference Platform Revealed

During its media event at IFA in Berlin/Germany, Qualcomm has unveiled a new reference hardware for Virtual Reality (VR) developers called Snapdragon VR 820. It is a self-contained, head mounted, VR system that offers a complete freedom of movement* because there’s no cable connecting it to a computer (*6-degrees of movement = 3 axis rotation and 3 axis translation).

Samsung ARTIK Platform Aims At Removing IoT Pain Points

The Internet of Things, aka IoT, is a fast-growing, but complex space which is very much a technological wild west in terms of hardware, interoperability (or the lack of) and management. Even savvy users can see obvious pain points and gaps in the existing ecosystem. This creates an environment where large companies can easily believe that “land grabbing” and closing their system will give them an advantage. Others form consortiums […]


LG’s Dr. Woo About Modular Phones & VR

At an LG Developer Conference in San Francisco, Ubergizmo sat down for a chat with Dr. Ramchan Woo. Dr. Woo is the Vice President of Product Planning at LG Electronics in Korea, where he is responsible, among other things, for the mobile products line, and its associated accessories, including VR and consumer robotics. The most recent LG product launch he oversaw was the LG G5 and the LG Friends accessories.

VISA Launches Developer Platform

VISA has made a major move this morning by opening its platform via a set of APIs (Application Programing Interface). The company says that this is a global launch that aims at offering third party companies an easy way to interface their payment systems with VISA’s. San Francisco was chosen as a launch location because it is a major software development hub.

How To Enable Android’s Developer Options

Google has hidden the Android developer options in Android 4.2 (and above), the reason being simple: the developer options are not required by the average android user, and tinkering with these options may lead to abnormal phone behavior (like flickering or odd menu behavior). In general, changing the Android developer options won’t lead to corrupting your phone’s system or something. However, it may lead to small visual changes and how […]

Visual Studio Code: Free Editor For Win+Mac+Linux

Microsoft has announced Visual Studio Code, a free code editor with integrated debugger and source version control which runs natively on Windows, Mac and Linux (download Code here). It is different from Visual Studio in the sense that it is much lighter and is designed for code-editing and debugging only. Visual Studio will remain a larger integrated development environment (IDE) with things like form editors or database integration, just to […]

Samsung Confirms Fingerprint Support On The Roadmap

Earlier today, Samsung highlighted many topics that are to be presented during its Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Francisco. One of the things that were briefly talked about was the SDK for reading fingerprints. As you may know, both this feature has been the object of many rumors, including one that said that Samsung was going to buy a finger-print related company – Samsung denied and rejected the rumor […]

DevCon5 Developers & Designers conference – NYC July 24-25

Participate in DevCon5 and learn how to harness the power of HTML5 to create and enable exciting and interactive websites and mobile apps. Attention Ubergizmo Readers: Register TODAY and Save 20% off current rates. Use code UBZ. DevCon5 is an HTML5 Developer and Mobile Applications Conference for web developers, designers, architects, technology leaders and business strategists. Learn how to harness the power of HTML5 to create dynamic user experiences, optimize graphics […]

Bing Platform Shifts The Search War To Apps

Earlier today, Microsoft’s Bing team has presented their latest developer tools at the BUILD conference which brings the Microsoft development community together for a few days in San Francisco. In the “demo app”, Bing engineers showed how developers could use new Bing application programming interfaces (APIs) to mine into Bing’s Translation services, Web Index and Relevance information, access Entities and Knowledge that relates to a search request, use new user […]

App Camp For Girls Exceeds Funding Goal, With Time Left To Gather More Support

App Camp For Girls is a non-profit organization with the goal of raising interest and awareness for software development to girls and women. The organization is currently based in Portland, but co-founder Jean MacDonald hopes that with this  funding round they will be able to 1/ prove that the concept works 2/ expand outside of Portland. As a former developer, I’ve worked with a small number of talented female engineers […]

Google Maps Engine API Launched

Google just announced the release of their Maps Engine API, a service that allows customers to build, store and distribute their own maps and associated data in a public or private way. Google Maps Engine was formerly called “Earth Builder”. Today’s announcement concerns the application programming interface (API) which is necessary for creating massive projects programmatically, and for integrating the data back into client or web application.

Apple Television SDK in May 2013? [Analyst]

Analyst Peter Misek is making the news today as he has published a round of predictions (speculations) concerning Apple. This one concerns Apple’s HDTV (let’s call it iTV), and according to Mr. Mysek, Apple is going to introduce a software development kit (SDK) that would support a 42″ to 55″ iTV product. We take it that Peter Mysek means that Apple will *secretly* introduce the SDK to a very small […]