Asus logoAccording to Digitimes, ASUS may be looking to expand into a new market, the medical care industry to be exact. Yes, the same company that has produced your computers, your monitors and your tablets is looking to make the jump into the medical care industry, which we guess is not really a bad thing.

“Asustek said it plans to cooperate with partners from different fields to develop medicare applications. For example, Asustek may not undertake development and/or production of medicare devices, but can provide advice on product design for partners and leverage its price bargaining advantages to help partners minimize procurement costs, it said.”

So what sort of medical gadgets can we expect? Well, like the statement above said, ASUS may only play a role at providing advice on product design and helping costs, but on the other hand they could also be putting out products of their own. So far one such example of ASUS’ venture in the medical care industry was with a recent alliance with Industrial Technology Research Institute. ASUS’ body motion sensing technology was used by ITRI in a device that helped guide cardiovascular patients’ rehabilitation motion.

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