Oil and water do not mix, and that’s a fact. How about video games and beer? All that is missing from this merry party to make it an awesome threesome would be some pizza, and at least Capcom has got the formula down pat by opening up a bar. Yes sir, this is not a video games bar, but rather, one that requires bouncers at the door to check the IDs of those lining up to get in simply because it will be serving alcoholic beverages that will certainly dull and dampen the reflexes of gamers. I wonder whether the opening would be a cosplay theme, where you will see folks dressed up as Megamans and Street Fighter characters among others. This bar will open up in Tokyo’s bustling Shinjuku area, and the whole idea of it is to be a meeting point for cultural and public relations for the video games company. Unimaginatively named Capcom Bar, it will open its doors next January 25th in Shinjuku’s Pasela Resort. I wonder if the menu will have creatively named drinks, like Hadouken or Akuma’s Revenge.

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