Denso Corporation has plans to roll out an automotive seat cushion which will certainly be welcome, be it during the cold winter or a sweltering summer. Why do we say so? Well, this automotive seat cushion is capable of circulating air in hot weather, while generating heat whenever the mercury drops to keep your rear end nice and warm. Too bad it will only be released sometime early next month, which means you will still need to freeze your butt off this Christmas. Aptly named the “Cool & Warm Cushion”, this particular cushion lets you spend time in comfort regardless of whether it is a warm summer day, or a cold winter season, way before the air conditioner or heater takes effect.

Commercial vehicles such as taxis would benefit more than family cars and MPVs, and it might just be the world of difference between a customer choosing one taxi over another simply because there is the thought of a warm cushion awaiting your rear end as you stand outside, freezing in the cold. Denso hopes to sell 5,000 units of the cushion each year – hopefully the price is right, otherwise they might find it to be a challenge to hit that sales figure.

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