Boomboxes might be a thing of the past, but if you love all things retro, you should definitely check out what Matt Keeter has managed to come up with. A student at MIT, it appears that the Fab Boombox was created as one of the final projects for one of his classes, and according to Matt, if you had the time, you could put one together by yourself for under $100.


It’s made from laser cut 0.208” plywood and features nest octahedral prisms as its choice of speakers. The boombox itself is powered by a 9V battery and appears to have been put together with barely any glue. The music controls are capacitive in nature, just in case you were thinking that they were just etched there for decoration, and the source of the music will read from your standard SD card.

We’re not sure how good it sounds, but from a design standpoint it does look pretty good. If you’re interested in designing one for yourself, Matt Keeter has been kind enough to put up a set of instructions along with the required materials to create a Fab Boombox for yourself.

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