So we’ve seen camera cases/attachments for the iPhone before, but we have to admit that the Gizmon iCA takes the cake, at least based on its looks and intended function alone. The case itself is made out of polycarbonate and will even come with a detachable tripod stand and even a soft bag to protect your phone. You could even think of it as a case for your case.

The case will feature a conversion lens mount from which you will be able to purchase additional lenses, a shutter button which we’re guessing will press the “Volume up” button on your iPhone, an optical viewfinder and what appears to be a faux pancake lens mounted in the center to give off the illusion that you’re carrying around a “real” camera.

It is a pretty unique idea and design and comes in a variety of colors, and will feature strap holes from which you will be able to hang a strap that you can wear around your neck. If you’re interested in taking your iPhone photography to the next level, perhaps the Gizmon iCA iPhone case will be able to help you accomplish that. It is available from the Four Corner Store for $65.

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