All right class, just what comes after the PlayStation 3? Why, it would be the PlayStation 4, of course. Needless to say, the PlayStation 4 is just a rumor at the moment, but I am quite sure that anything to do with a successor to the current PS3 will definitely pique the interest of many, even for the sake of general knowledge so that you can nod in agreement with your fellow parents at the water cooler during office hours when the topic of video game consoles are brought up.

It seems that the ‘father of PlayStation’, Ken Kutaragi, was overheard claiming that he is working on a ‘brand new project’ which is ‘totally cool’. Now, what could that be? I suppose that it would not take an Einstein to jump into the same conclusion that I had, which is the PS4, although Sony did mention that they want the PS3 to last in the market for a good decade or so before a next generation machine rolls out.

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