Samsung Galaxy Nexus slips out to the public It seems that Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphones from Verizon Wireless have not been very nice prior to Christmas, slipping their way by accident to some users’ hands via Best Buy and Verizon retail stores. Word on the street has it that someone did pick up a Samsung Galaxy Nexus earlier than expected from a Verizon store, where said Verizon store picked up the handsets prior to an official launch. David Fayram, a senior software engineer by profession for CrowdFlower, managed to pick up one of these highly desirable handsets Best Buy, which sold it to him by accident.

According to Fayram, the handset comes in a white box, complete with a red paper on the inside, not to mention several Verizon bloatware such as “My Verizon Mobile” and the Verizon Migration Assistant. On Fayram’s Google+ page (where else did you think a Google fanboy would have posted his experiences?), he mentioned that “It looks like a cutting-edge phone, without all the ostentation and outrageous materials of the Droid Razr.” Looks like Christmas has come early for some, while the rest of us patiently wait it out.

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