Behringer announces new XENYX iX series of mixers with iPad integration

Musicians, sound engineers, or producers who need to mix music while on the move might be interested in taking a look at what Behringer will be unveiling at the upcoming NAMM 2012 which is expected to take place during the 19th-22nd of January. The audio company will be showcasing three new mobile digital XENYX mixers which will be part of Behringer’s XENYX iX Series.

The three new models expected to be introduced are the XENYX iX3242USB, iX2442USB and iX1642USB, all of which feature a stereo USB audio interface, XENYX mic pre amps, a 3-band channel EQ, along with what appears to be an integrated iPad docking station. This docking station would allow the iPad to be integrated with the mixing console and will double up as the mixer’s main display. We’re guessing that tailored apps will expand the functionality of the mixer although details remain scarce at this point in time.

The XENYX mixers will also feature 32 customizable presets and multi-effects powered by the KLARK-TEKNIK FX processor engine, along with audio and video syncing with the iPad over HDMI. A part from the iX3242USB, iX2442USB and iX1642USB featuring 16, 24, and 32 channels respectively, exact specifications and pricing are not known at this point, although we expect more details to emerge during NAMM 2012.

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