The perception is this – the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the most desirable Android-powered smartphone at the moment, simply because it runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with powerful hardware that enables it to perform just about all tasks it is supposed to with aplomb. Well, some owners have found out the hard way that not everything works as it was supposed to, where they claim that many apps perform at a mediocre level at best. Is there a way to do away with such lag? Thankfully, the answer is an avid “Yes!”, where you will need to enter the “Settings” menu, scroll right down and tap on Developer options. Look for “Force GPU rendering” and check it. Follow that up by shutting down all of your apps in the multitasking tray simply by flicking them off the screen, but the easier way is to restart your Galaxy Nexus. Once done, the Galaxy Nexus should no longer plod around like a tortoise, but instead, will perform with a significant swagger. The most noticeable improvement? It will scroll a whole lot faster. Anyone tried this with or without success?

Update: Some have reported that doing the above causes certain apps to crash. It seems that the ball is in the developers’ court to use the right API, where some apps do rely on the GPU to perform the rendering, so those that do will not experience any form of improvement.

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