emWave2 helps you de stressInstead of going out to get a Balinese massage at the local parlor the next time you feel all strung up due to office work, how about getting technology to assist you instead of being in touch with another human? HeartMath’s emWave2 (there’s an older model as well) might just be able to do the trick as a self-tracking mobile device which intends to help change your response to stress, which will indirectly let you live out a far healthier lifestyle. Expect CES 2012 to be the platform where HeartMath parades its emWave2 in all of its glory. Hopefully when one gives the emWave2 a go, he/she would be able to look like the model that you see above, being in perfect harmony not only with herself, but seemingly with the rest of the world as well.

The emWave2 will be able to chart real-time readings of the your physiology which activating a high-performance, mind-body state known as coherence. Once you are able to master the art of activating coherence, any future stressful situation that arises should not be of any issue to you, since you are able to return to a balanced emotional state in a jiffy as you have already learned how to release emotional stress in a healthy manner. I am not quite sure whether this will work on just about anyone and everyone, but if you are already at the end of your rope, there’s no harm in trying, right? [Press Release]

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