lenovo X1 hybridThe Lenovo X1 Hybrid is an update from the previous Lenovo X1 that we had reviewed in details previously. This new X1 has a new Gorilla-glass 13.3 “superbright infinity” display, a rapid battery charge that props the battery up to 80%  in 30minutes, an “instant-on” Hybrid mode in which the battery life is twice as much, and the spill-resistant backlit keyboard is still around.

Because it is a “business” laptop, Lenovo has really worked hard on the battery life rapid-charging time, which is a feature that I really like. We don’t know for sure what the battery life is, but Lenovo says that it can be extended to 10 hours with the external “slice” battery. This probably translate into 6hours without the slice battery, but I’m just speculating.

Performance is also important, so the Lenovo X1 Hybrid can get a second-gen Core i7 processor (2.7-3.4GHz), up to 8GB of RAM, USB 3.0 and 160GB of SSD storage. I’ll go on a limb and guess that Lenovo is not using a standard 2.5″ SSD drive, and this is why it can’t go to 512GB.

The keyboard of the Lenovo X1 was extraordinary, and it looks like the X1 Hybrid has the exact same one. Lenovo doesn’t change a winning team. We’re looking forward to seeing this one in action, and we’ll report back, possibly with a full review.

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