Moto P30 Officially Launched In China

The other thanks to a leaked render, a certain Moto P30 handset was revealed to be the company’s upcoming smartphone. It turns out the leaks were right on the money because over in China, the Moto P30 has been officially launched with a design that seems to be causing some mixed feelings.

Lenovo ThinkPad P1, A 15.6-inch Thin & Light Mobile Workstation  Editor's Pick

Lenovo has just announced a new workstation laptop, the ThinkPad P1. A brand new line within the ThinkPad P-Series, the P1 is a 15.6” thin (18.4mm) and light (3.76 Lbs) workstation with excellent display options  and impressive memory and storage options.

Lenovo Thinkpad P1, P72 Laptops Announced

The problem with a lot of laptop workstations is that they generally focus on aspects such as durability, ruggedness, long battery life, and so on. However this can be quite a pain (literally) to bring around, which is why if you’re after something that’s probably easier on your back, you might be interested in Lenovo’s latest laptops, the ThinkPad P1 and P72.

Motorola Atrix Lapdock Could Be Making A Return

The concept of our smartphones possibly powering our laptops is one that has been explored before. A good example was about 7 years ago when Motorola took the wraps off the Lapdock which when connected to a Motorola smartphone, allowed it turn into a laptop of sorts with a bigger display and a physical keyboard.


Lenovo Claims They Will Be The First To Launch 5G Snapdragon 855 Smartphone

With multiple US carriers planning to begin rolling out 5G to various cities this year, and possibly even blanket the whole of the US next year, it means that smartphone makers need to hurry up and start putting out smartphones that can support 5G, otherwise what’s the point, right? For those who want a 5G smartphone, perhaps Lenovo could be worth considering.

Lenovo Smart Display Review  Editor's Pick

After the avalanche of smart speakers, a new generation of more powerful digital assistants has come: the smart display.

First Lenovo Smart Display With Google Assistant Available Now

Google has teamed up with manufacturers to develop smart displays that can compete with the likes of the Amazon Echo Show. The first such device has been made by Lenovo and it will be available for purchase this week. The Smart Display from Lenovo brings the Google Assistant experience to an interactive screen for an enhanced visual experience.

Lenovo ThinkPad T480s Review

Bottom-line: A do-it-all laptop configurable for any task, from $1200-$2000. It has Plenty of ports, including HDMI, RJ45, TB3 and weighs only 2.86 Lbs, with a MIL-STD-810G certification.

Lenovo ThinkPad L380 Yoga Review  Editor's Pick

Bottom-line: The L380 Yoga brings beloved ThinkPad features to the sub-$1000 price range. It is Compact and Robust, Cost-effective and has Plenty of ports

Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptops and PCs Delightful New Look (E3)  Editor's Pick

Gaming laptops, including Lenovo’s, have been using a “Stealth-bomber” design style for some time, and no-one in the industry could tell us how that style started. But it doesn’t matter anymore because Lenovo is coming up with refreshing new designs for both laptops and desktop gaming computers, at E3 2018. Classy, clean but still aggressive, these chassis make “last-gen” gaming PCs look older.

Lenovo X1 Carbon Review (2018, Gen6)

Like clockwork, Lenovo announced its 2018 X1 Carbon Gen6 laptop at CES 2018. It’s been on the market for a couple of months now, so it’s an excellent time for a review of the “tip of the spear” of the Lenovo X series, which Lenovo describes as the “Ultraportable Productivity Tools.” Designed for business, the X1 Carbon promises extreme portability and durability, two concepts that rarely mix, yet the five […]

Lenovo Teases Yoga Book 2, Launching Later This Year

It was reported last week that Lenovo may have a new Yoga Book in the pipeline. It launched the original convertible laptop back in 2016 so the company is certainly due to launch a successor. Lenovo hasn’t revealed everything about the new device just yet but it did tease the Yoga Book 2 during Intel’s e21FORUM keynote presentation at Computex 2018.

Lenovo Z5 Doesn’t Quite Live Up To The Hype

Lenovo has been hyping up a device for the past couple of years which the teasers suggested would be an “all-screen” smartphone with a screen-to-body-ratio of over 95 percent. That would have meant that the device would be bezel-less in the true sense of the word without having a notch. The handset was also believed to feature up to 4TB of internal storage. Lenovo has officially launched the Z5 today […]

New Lenovo Yoga Book Possibly In The Pipeline

Lenovo launched its Yoga Book convertible laptop back in 2016. It was an interesting machine as it swapped out the conventional keyboard for a touch-sensitive surface that could not only work as a keyboard but allow users to take notes on its surface using the Real Pen. Some evidence has now surfaced to suggest that there’s may be a new Yoga Book in the pipeline over at Lenovo.