Apple logoIt does seem like a petty case of kindergarten jealousy here – Apple has apparently refused to sell an ebook from an author simply because there are links to Amazon stashed away in the ebook’s bibliography. Seth Godin, the author behind the book Stop Stealing Dreams is rather miffed at this development, having received the reason from Apple that there were “Multiple links to Amazon store.” What do you think of Apple’s move? Don’t you think that whatever is contained inside the ebook should not be of any concern to Apple without being so controlling? After all, there should be a certain degree of leeway afforded to the author, right? Perhaps this is an opportunity for other platforms to carry these ebooks, and it might just miff all the other authors into choosing a more matured distribution platform who looks past such petty differences. Granted, the “gatekeeper” might be a bit overzealous in this particular case, so perhaps it is just a one-off situation.

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