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Apple FaceTime Invention Boasts Of Face Morphing And Image Matching To Ensure That Video Remains Smooth
Earlier this morning, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published an Apple invention which replaces the frames that are dropped during a low-bandwidth FaceTime call, relying on pre-recorded as well as doctored images to get the job done. This is a transparent process which to the end user, it would seem as though the entire video feed is seamless. Pretty nifty work, don’t you think so?This particular patent application from […]

iPhone 6 Could Feature 8MP Camera Only
The next generation iPhone will most probably continue to attract plenty of attention. After all, any upcoming iPhone models would set the grapevines alight with chatter, so we do not see this situation change should there be a whiff of the iPhone 6 in the air. Having said that, we have already heard some rumors about the iPhone 6 this week alone, and here is the latest bit of gossip […]

Apple Patents 'Desk-Free' Computer
Patents are the modern day corporate bullets, where the more you hold, the higher the chance you have of “shooting” someone with it down the road. Of course, not all patents would eventually end up being the real deal, as many of them have remained to be theories, and just that, but who knows just what might be the next best thing, and what will be a plain concept? The […]

Apple Awarded Patent For Curved Screens
We have seen a fair number of patents from Apple revealed this month alone, where among them include something as fresh as reported earlier this morning – a goggle device. Well, it seems that Apple has a whole lot more goodies up their sleeves, and that would include the possibility of a curved display device after securing a patent that is relevant to the idea. According to folks over at […]


Apple Spent $60 Million Fighting Samsung In Court
Much has already been written about the patent trials that Apple and Samsung are involved in. Both companies have feverishly pursued litigation against each other in various countries around the world, burning millions of dollars in legal fees in the process. Recently, Apple scored another win against Samsung when a jury ruled that the Korean company owes an additional $290 million to Apple for infringing on its patents, bringing the total […]

Apple Reportedly Buys Kinect-Tech Creator PrimeSense For $345 Million
With the launch of iOS 7, Apple has toyed with the idea of their Apple devices being able to track your position in relation to the device to offer some pretty interesting experiences within the software. Even though some people reportedly experienced motion sickness as a result, it’s still interesting to see the route Apple may be taking its iOS devices, and today’s alleged acquisition may make things even more […]

Apple Store Goes Down Worldwide, iPad Mini With Retina Display Coming Soon?
You know that the inevitable was going to happen when Apple introduced the iPad Air as well as the iPad mini with Retina display not too long ago, and that would be the respective devices appearing on Apple’s online store in due time. Cupertino’s modus operandi works this way – the moment a particular device is about to be introduced and made available online, the whole Apple Store would be […]

Apple’s New Sapphire Manufacturing Facility In Arizona Will Depend On Solar Power
It was last week when we brought you word that Apple is looking to build up a components factory in Arizona that will be a part of their new advanced sapphire manufacturing facility. This is feel good news for sure, where the components plant is touted to create over 2,000 jobs in the near future, where 700 of these will happen in the first year, not to mention another 1,300 […]

BlackBerry Board Reportedly Refused To Break Up Company Despite Interest From Apple And Others
During its strategic review period, when BlackBerry was actively seeking a buyer, a number of companies and even individuals were rumored to have interest in taking the company private. Apple’s name never surfaced once, until now in a Reuters report, which claims that Cupertino was interested in BlackBerry’s intellectual property and patents but the board decided not to break up the company. Even when there was a lot of speculation […]

Pebble Smart Watch Update for IOS 7 and SDK 2.0
Today Pebble unveiled its software update with deeper integration with iOS7and its brand new SDK 2.0.Pebble became very famous when the company raised over 10.2 million dollars from over 69,000 backers on Kickstarter. Since the product started to ship in January 2013, 190,000 Pebble watches are now worn by happy users and over 50 applications are available in iTunes and Google Play, a total of 2,200 apps and faces are […]

New iPad Mini Gets Retina Display
Much has been said about a new iPad mini, and after all the speculation and rumors, here are the official details from Apple. It will finally receive the long awaited Retina Display that folks have been hankering after, which would mean carrying a 7.9″ 2,048 x 1,536 resolution (326 pixels per inch, baby!) which is similar to the freshly announced iPad Air, too. Underneath the hood, you will find a […]

Samsung And Apple Rumored To Be Working On 12 Inch Tablets
A report coming out of Taiwan claims that both Apple and Samsung are working on large tablets, with displays as large as 12 inches. Apple has already been rumored to be working on a 12 inch iPad, it has apparently teamed up with Quanta Computer on this project. Today’s report mentions Quanta once again, reiterating that it is collaborating on the 12 inch iPad with Apple. On the other hand, […]

Apple To Hold iPad Event This October 22nd
The folks over at Apple still have some tricks up their sleeves, that is, more products to be announced before the year comes to an end. In fact, we now have confirmation that Apple will be unveiling a couple more products this month on October 22nd itself. Folks who are familiar with the plans concocted over in Cupertino have informed AllThingsD that Apple is scheduled to hold its next invitation-only […]

Drivers Take Alaska Airport Taxiway As Apple Maps Leads Them Astray
Imagine you’re in an airplane, looking aimlessly outside the window. Wonder what would go through your mind if you were to see a car carrying passengers, taking the airport taxiway to reach the passenger terminal. One can only fathom what people in such positions would have thought when they saw two such cars over the past three weeks, take the Taxiway Bravo at Fairbanks International Airport to reach the ramp side […] For iPad is a popular content curation website that lets people build their own online publication using articles found across multiple sources on the Internet. In a few clicks, individuals and companies are able to collect and comment on numerous articles on the topics they are interested in.One of the key benefits of the service is to offer an easy way for readers to find a lot of information on very […]

Apple A7 Will Be A Dual-Core Processor, Says Taiwanese Industry Sources
They say that one should always hear it from the horse’s mouth, and while this bit of information did not hail from anyone working under Apple’s direct payroll, Taiwanese industry sources have pointed out that the next generation processor from Apple for their mobile devices would be known as the A7, and it does seem as though the Apple A7 processor will not make the jump to quad-core goodness but […]

Apple Developer Site Restored
After a few weeks of outage, Apple has finally restored the developer site post hack. Since the middle of July, a security intrusion of the Apple developer site rendered a slew of tools for both iOS as well as Mac OS X developers inaccessible, and after a nice three week “sabbatical”, Apple has finally restored their developer site to working order. Since last Monday, Apple did mention that that it […]

ITC Ban On iPhone, iPad Sales Vetoed By Obama Administration
The ITC recently gave a verdict on a matter brought up by Samsung, which claimed that Apple infringed on some of its patents. On Monday, a formal ban on sales of some older iPhone and iPad models was to go in place as a result of the iTC’s ruling. The U.S. President has a 60 day period to review the decision, and from now on, the ban on older Apple […]

Google Play Store Has More App Downloads Than Apple App Store
You know how is it like in the world of professional boxing, where there is always the customary “tale of the tape” before each fight? I guess you can say that the folks over at App Annie had a similar idea when they pitched two behemoths against each other – the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and here we are with the results of this “showdown” of […]