The term “blue eyed boy” might soon take on a very different meaning from being someone’s favorite, as this little kid from China who was born with blue eyes, is claimed by his parents to have night vision – just like a cat. Originally worried, his parents were informed by doctors not to fret, since their son’s unique blue eyes were said to function as normal as he grows up, but after some years, Yongsui’s father, teacher and doctors think that the young boy’s eyes are no ordinary eyes = endowing him with night vision instead.

Yongsui’s father said, “In the dark Nong’s eyes would emit a kind of blue-green light when shone upon by a flash light — his eyes were just like cat eyes.” According to a Chinese news reel, Yongsui’s rare blue eyes would glow green whenever light hits them, letting him see in the dark just as though it is as bright as day. Is this the next step in human evolution, or just a one off occurrence?

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