Slim has been in for the longest time already, and the trend looks set to continue. CineMassive has just announced the unveiling of their CineView ultra thin bezel LCD video wall displays, where these were specially engineered to deliver maximum reliability in mission-critical, 24/7/365 applications. Not only does it come with redundant power supplies, it also has native fiber, LAN, CAT6, DVI and HDMI inputs, virtually seamless bezels, LED backlighting, full 1080p resolution support, HDCP compliance with network-based status monitoring, all carefully placed within a rugged, steel enclosure.

There is a CinePort Expansion bay that is located on each CineView LCD, letting native video support of fiber, dual fiber, CAT6,or LAN video transmission being sent straight to the LCD. This is one unique method that offers unprecedented reliability, flexibility and range. You can seamlessly receive video from across the world, campus, building, floor or room and with crystal clear full high definition digital integrity thanks to CinePort. Hopefully the new range would also mean a more competitive price point, and if we start to see more and more of such video wall displays being adopted around us, hopefully the ads will be interesting enough to capture our attention as well. [Press Release]

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