The PS Vita is going to be upon us soon, so you might want to flip a coin to make the decision whether you are going to save money by purchasing games online, or picking them up at the store, box and all. Apart from that, you might also want to start shortlisting all the titles that you are going to occupy your time with, and for RPG fans, Disgaea 3 might be a good way to start. Of course, Disgaea 3 will also be the first RPG title for the PS Vita, leading some to claim that this alone is good enough to sell a fair number of copies, but ultimately it would be gameplay and a solid storyline that backs up any gaming title.

This will be a port of the PlayStation 3 version, although it will be slightly different since it is equipped with new character stories, new systems, new attack levels, new bosses, and will also come with the entire gamut of DLC which was previously rolled out for the PS3 version – on a single card, yo! Those who have already given the PS3 version of Disgaea 3 a go can still discover new stuff with the PS Vita version. An “Honor Quotient” system has also been thrown into the mix, relying on GPS navigation to track how far you have traveled when playing the game. This Honor Quotient will rise in tandem with your length of travel, in addition to winning battles, of course. A high Honor Quotient translates to the ability to pick up even more experience points, Mana points, and receive discounts at item shops. Any takers?

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