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Sony Changes Their Mind, Won’t Shut Down PS3 Or PS Vita Stores
Back in March, Sony announced that they would be shutting down the digital storefronts for the PS3 and PS Vita. While we’re sure that some gamers would have been disappointed, it makes sense. Sony has pretty much stopped developing games for mobile consoles and they are focusing on the PS5, a console that’s two generations older than the PS3.

Sony Confirms Shut Down Of PS3, PS Vita, PSP Stores This July
Earlier last week, it was reported that Sony could be looking to shut down the stores for its PS3, PS Vita, and PSP consoles. Given how old those consoles are and with Sony already focusing their efforts and resources into the PS5, the report didn’t really come as that big of a surprise, but for those wondering if it’s true, yes, it is.

Sony Essentially Confirms That They’re Done With The PS Vita
Back in the day before smartphones and tablets existed, companies like Nintendo and Sony thrived with handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS and the PS Vita. While Nintendo is continuing to churn out mobile gaming devices like the Switch and Switch Lite, Sony seems to be done with the PS Vita.

Sony PlayStation Vita Production Has Officially Come To An End
In the console space, there is Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, each of whom have their own home console device. However when it comes to handhelds, that space was pretty much a fight between Nintendo and Sony, although it seems that now Sony could finally be conceding that market to Nintendo entirely.


PS Vita Production In Japan Will Come To An End In 2019
It has been a while since Sony had updated its PS Vita handheld console. Instead the company seems to prefer focusing on its home console, which is the PS4 and PS4 Pro at the moment. This has led to many wondering about the fate of the PS Vita, which unfortunately for fans of the console it seems like it could all be coming to an end soon.

Sony’s PlayStation Chief Hints At Handheld Console Revival
The fate of Sony’s PS Vita has been unknown for a while now. In 2015 Sony stated that they had no plans for a successor to the console and with the recent confirmation that physical production of cartridges for the console would be ending (save for Japan), it seemed like Sony was doing everything except to officially announce that they would be killing the PS Vita off.

Physical PS Vita Games Will Still Be Produced For Japan
Recently Sony had confirmed that they would ceasing the production of physical games for the PS Vita by the end of the fiscal year for 2018, which is basically March 2019. Given how old the PS Vita is and considering that there don’t seem to be any plans for a successor, we suppose this did not come as a surprise.

Sony Confirms They Are Ending Production Of Physical PS Vita Games
The Sony PS Vita handheld console is a bit long in the tooth now and with no public plans to launch a successor, it seems like the console is a few steps shy from being discontinued completely. In fact it seems that Sony is taking steps towards that as the company has confirmed that they are ending the physical production of PS Vita games.

Stardew Valley Launching On The PS Vita May 22
Sony’s PS Vita handheld console is a pretty old piece of hardware, but we imagine that there are probably still a ton of gamers out there who are happily playing with it even after all these years. The good news is that while developers might not be rushing out to create new PS Vita titles these days, the folks at Chucklefish and ConcernedApe have not forgotten about it.

PlayStation Boss Sees ‘Limited Potential’ For Handheld Gaming
Ever wonder what happened to Sony’s PS Vita console? Back in 2015, it was reported that gamers probably shouldn’t expect to see a successor anytime soon, and last year there were also rumors that the console could be discontinued in North America. If you’re still holding out on the hope that Sony will have a new console soon, you’ll be disappointed to learn that it really doesn’t seem like it […]

PlayStation Plus Free Games For March 2017 Revealed
PlayStation Plus subscribers would certainly be wondering what games they will get for free this month as part of their subscription. Sony has now gone ahead and revealed the PlayStation Plus free games for March 2017. The list has been revealed on its official U.S. PlayStation Blog. The lineup includes two titles each for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation Vita.

Latest PlayStation Store Sale Cuts Prices Of Some Great Games
Sony often offers great deals and discounts on digital game downloads via the PlayStation Store and it’s back again with a new sale. The company is calling it the “Critics’ Choice” sale which means that it’s going to provide discounts on some of the best PlayStation games that money can buy. We’ve checked out the list and there are certainly some great titles that you can pick up at very […]

PlayStation Now Will Stop Supporting Older PlayStation Devices
If you are a gamer who uses Sony’s PlayStation Now services, you might be interested to learn that the company has recently made an announcement in which it seems that they will be ending support for older PlayStation devices, as well as other previously-compatible Sony and non-Sony devices.

Free PS Plus Games For January 2017 Confirmed
As part of its PlayStation Plus membership, Sony provides members with a handful of free games every month. They can keep these games for as long as they like but they just have to download them in the period that Sony makes them free. Sony has now confirmed the list of free PS Plus games for January 2017. This new set of games is going to ring in the New […]

Lara Croft GO Now Available On The PC, PS4, PS Vita
Last year Square Enix announced Lara Croft GO, another one of their puzzle-based games that is based on one of the company’s existing franchises, the first of which was Hitman GO from 2014. The game was originally released for mobile, but for non-mobile gamers, you’ll be pleased to learn that Lara Croft GO is now available on the PC, PS4, and the PS Vita.

Former Sony Exec Thinks The PS Vita Arrived On The Market ‘Too Late’
When it comes to handheld consoles, Nintendo’s DS/3DS lineup has been pretty successful. Now Sony has attempted to steal some market share with their PS Vita, but unfortunately it didn’t quite capture the market in the same way. In fact last year Sony said that there weren’t plans for a successor, and earlier this year there were rumors that it could have been discontinued.

PlayStation Plus Free Games For September 2016 Confirmed
If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber the first thing you need to know is that Sony is raising the price of this subscription plan – here is everything you need to know about this hike. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at the PlayStation Plus free games for September 2016 that all subscribers are entitled to as part of their subscription.

PS Vita Could Be Discontinued In North America As Well [Rumor]
If the PS Vita was doing well, we reckon Sony would be pretty excited at the idea of creating a successor that will further improve on what the currently iteration of the console is missing. Instead last we heard, Sony had no immediate plans for a PS Vita successor, and at the rate things are going, it sounds like Sony might be content to let the PS Vita die a […]

PS Vita Sales In The Netherlands Might Have Stopped [Rumor]
The Sony PS Vita is a solid effort by Sony to try and capture the handheld market, which last we checked seemed to be dominated by the Nintendo 3DS, thanks to its host of strong first-party titles and huge library. However could Sony be slowly letting the PS Vita die and fade into obscurity?

Latest PS Vita Update Seems To Be Causing Some Problems
Usually updates are something to look forward to because they tend to fix bugs, introduce improvements, and sometimes add new features as well. However it seems in the latest update issued to the Sony PS Vita, it is giving users a fair bit of trouble, according to reports from Reddit and NeoGAF, and subsequently confirmed by Kotaku.