Ever wished that you could be psychic? Now that is one mutant power that I would love to have, and reading other people’s thoughts is definitely a great advantage in the world of business, although it also helps you see folks who are really honest, and those with an axe to grind. I guess that is why psychics like Professor Xavier remain the stuff of science fiction, but here is something very real that uses the power of your mind – the Focus Pocus learning application which takes advantage of NeuroSky’s real time electroencephalography.

Focus Pocus is an innovative gaming technique that was specially incorporated to improve impulse control, memory, attention and relaxation in children. Putting this game together is no easy task – it used data based on 15 years of research on ADHD, resulting in a wizard-themed game that relies on NeuroSky’s brainwave-reading headset in order to assist children who have difficulty controlling memory and impulses. It does so by targeting learning fundamentals such as memory, impulse control, and the ability to concentrate instead of looking at the specific learning of content such as math and spelling. In the shoes of an apprentice wizard, you battle your way through structured mini games with the BCI (brain computer interface) headset known as NeuroSky Mindwave. [Press Release]

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