Give Professor X a run for his money with NeuroSky’s new MindWave headset, where it has just been launched today, carving a place for itself in the Guinness World Records as apart from being the first MindWave headset that costs less than £100 ($99.95 Stateside), it was also demonstrated to be powerful enough to move a Volkswagen motor car – hence breaking a Guinness World Record for the “Largest Object Moved Using a Brain-Computer Interface.” This device is capable of safely measuring brainwave signals as well as monitoring the attention levels of students as they interact with different applications that touch on math, memory and pattern recognition areas. Up to 10 apps are thrown into the mix to offer an eclectic collection of fun entertainment and serious education. A single AAA battery is said to offer up to 8 hours of juice, although we aren’t too sure if that’s the optimistic of pessimistic figure provided by NeuroSky. Any takers for the NeuroSky?

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