We all know there’s a lot more to Google than just search, Gmail and Android – and it looks like today will be the day we are introduced to another of the company’s latest project. Titled “Solve for X”, the official website just went live today, giving us a preview of what it will be about. According to the description, video and details dug up from the website, “Solve for X” is going to be “a place where the curious can go to hear and discuss radical technology ideas for solving global problems.”

Similar to what Google is doing at its Google X top secret lab, but I guess this time it’ll be revealed to the public instead. While the current website doesn’t have much up today, Solve for X’s videos are supposed to be uploaded later so we should have a taste of what is on the way before the day ends (assuming Google keeps to its promise). In the meantime, check out the video intro to Solve for X above.

[We Solve for X]

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