The world of modern medicine has certainly made plenty of progress throughout the years, and medical technology has also done wonders in curing us of diseases which were once thought of as a death sentence. Well, MicroCHIPS might be onto something huge here, having worked on a wirelessly controlled implantable drug releasing electronic microchip. That is certainly quite a mouthful, but to put things in a nutshell, this particular implant will hold a reservoir of drugs inside, and when activated wirelessly from the outside of the patient’s body, it will be able to release said drugs nearest to the place it has been implanted to increase its effectiveness. Of course, if you do not want it to work manually, there is the other option of relying on the readings of the embedded sensors before the implant decides to unleash the next dose. Further studies are being conducted concerning the MicroCHIPS device, and so far, the results have been encouraging. I guess this is great for the forgetful as well as for folks who absolutely loathe injections as all the “work” is done from within.

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