The speed of thought is something worth looking into – and I love movies with Mexican standoffs, where everyone is thinking what to do before the first trigger is pulled. The future might see soldiers plug their minds straight into weapons systems during recruitment drives as well as take up neural stimulation courses to boost their learning. The Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of science, reported that the rapid advance of neuroscience will not only improve treatments for brain disease and mental illness, it can also be applied on the battlefield – such as controlling weapons with the power of the human mind.

Why not? After all, there are already games in the market for the masses known as Mindflex Duel that uses brain power to beat your opponent. Right now, there is the possibility of brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) connecting people’s brains directly to military technology, such as drones and other weapons systems. I sure hope that unlike the Matrix where you die if you are killed when plugged in, should the drone you are connected to gets shot down and your brain is disconnected from said destroyed drone, you will not drop into limbo or suffer from any negative health effects.

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