[CES 2011] Ever wondered why some people are able to pull through difficult or high pressure situations better than others? Apart from training and conditioning, we are wont to say that they too have a pretty strong mind of their own. Well, Mattel might have just stumbled upon the next Jedi Mind Trick wannabe – the Mindflex Duel game. Based on the original Mindflex, the Mindflex Duel will pit two players against one another in a Mental Marathon using “mind-eye” concentration. Of course, you will need to wear one of the two headsets included which will have its sensors attached to your forehead and earlobes, measuring your brainwaves to levitate a foam ball. This is a modern tug-o-war, where you will use your mental might to move the foam ball across the game’s obstacle platform to your opponent’s side. Whoever wins will see an interactive display of lights and sound go nuts. Retailing for $99.99, the Mindflex Duel will be out this fall. Bring it on, Professor X!

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