Have you ever wondered what would happen to cars of the future – will they still move around on four wheels, or can they take to the skies? Moller International thinks that the latter has a very bright future, unveiling a couple of Skycars that are obviously lightweight and might require just a Sport Pilot license for one to drive – nay, fly it around. I admit, having Skycars zipping about in the air without any proper traffic lanes scare the heck out of me, considering how some folks already drive like maniacs while the are on terra firma. More on the Skycars from Moller International right after the jump.

The two Skycars come in the form of the 200 LS aircraft and the 100 LS aircraft. The former sports a tandem seating for 2 people, where it takes up around 119 square feet of space, tipping the scales at 1,320-lbs. This Light Sport Aviation aircraft has 170 HP of engine output, and takes 11.3 seconds to hit parachute safe height. Boasting a transition height of approximately 16.2 seconds and a maximum rate of climb at sea level at 1,860 feet per minute, each gallon it sips can bring you 42 miles in the air, where it boasts of a range of 434 miles for a full tank. No idea on how much this puppy will cost, but cheap is definitely not the word Moller is looking at.

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